Smiling Dog

A very unusual site wherein they train dog to smile. Is it possible? To know more about it, do visit vioBlogger site.

Position Sensors

Is big brother watching? Ok, ok, I am being needlessly dramatic. I am actually talking about Measurement Specialties Sensors’ products. Want to find out more about position sensors?

Document Management Solutions

Oh, the allure of a paper-less office. As I drown in a desk full of paper, I think that I should get into the market for document management solutions. What do you think?

Best Sites

In doing my rounds for best sites, I came across:
Cingular Ringtones, Personal Development, Free Ringtones.

The best in wrestling is John Cena. The new wrestler John Cena of WWE is quite flashy. He has his own music album and amazing style.


If human beings, with all their vices, have a future life, assuredly animals, who in character so often equal, nay, excel human beings, have a future life also.

Those who in the Scriptures find a key to all things, can find nothing in them to confute this argument. There is no saying of Christ that justifies one in supposing that man is the only being, whose existence
extends beyond the grave.

Granted, however, merely for the sake of argument, that we have some ground for the denial of a future existence for animals, consider the injustice such a denial would involve. Take, for example, the case of the horse. Harming no one, and without thought of reward, it toils for man all its life, and when too old to work it is put to death without even the compensation of a well-earned rest. But if compensation be God's law,--as I, for one, believe it to be--and also the raison d'etre of a hereafter, then surely the Creator, whose chief claim to our respect and veneration lies in the fact that He is just and merciful, will take good care that the horse--the gentle, patient, never-complaining horse--is well compensated--compensated in a golden hereafter.

Natural Home Remedy

Natural Home Remedy are the way to go man:

Health Benefits of Ginger
Benefits of Fish Oil
Benefits of Bananas
Benefits of Tea
Benefits of Soy Milk
Benefits of Pineapple
Benefits of Rice
Benefits of Cranberries
Benefits of Chocolate
Benefits of Aloe

Inspirational Life Poems

A happy life is not built up of tours abroad and pleasant holidays, but of little clumps of violets noticed by the roadside, hidden away almost so that only those can see them that have God's peace and love in their hearts, in one continuous charm of little things.

For those who find inspiration in poetry, pinkpoem is one unique site that offers inspirational poems. From positive attitude poems to one about religion and God .


"The family, and not the individual, is the true social integer.
This is implied in the inspired history of the creation of man.
God made of two 'one flesh,' or a unit of the human species.
Generals and legislators have not overlooked the fact that married
men and women can be relied on in emergencies where single persons
cannot be trusted. Either part of a social integer is a pledge
of the whole. The vitality of society lives in its integers. The
future grows out of its integers. They are, therefore, what ought
to be represented in its political structures. That it belongs
more properly to the man than to the woman to represent the
family, is manifest from revelation. 'The head of the woman is the
man, whom she is commanded to obey.'"


Bible Experience

My parents taught me that it was my duty to attend religious services at least once a week. This I did, and professed to be a Christian until I was a young woman. I knew that I loved the Lord and wanted to do right, but found that I could not always do right in my own strength. I was daily doing things that displeased the Lord. I became so troubled about my condition that one day I went to the minister, and, telling him how I felt, requested him to pray for me and to help me to get a real Bible experience. In answer to my request, he only smiled and said, 'You are too particular. You might as well try to split a hair as to try to live a holy life in this world.'

Alternative Medicine

It may not seem like what you expected from me, but I have a new site on Alternative Medicine .
Read the articles titled:
Home Remedy for Constipation,
Dandruff Home Remedy for Constipation,
Home Remedy for Digestive Disorder,
Home Remedy for Fever,
Home Remedy for Flatulence.

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